R.I.P Mother

On April 29th 2018 Shyboy lost his mother.  This came as a blow to all his family and friends. 

He attended St Lucia to bury her.

Our prayers and support is with him every day. 

Shyboy 18th May.

I can truly say it has been the most painful time of my life.  Laying my beloved mother to rest has ripped my heart apart.


Today i have a little strength, so I would like to take this opportunity to Thank all those who came through for me and my family.


It is still very hard but God is good.


Special thanks to all m y people in London, you guys have totally insulated me and 😇😇 for my people in St Lucia, my cousins who are for ever checking up on me  Thanks You a Million.


Carrying on life without a Mother is one of the hardest things that can happen, but by the grace of God I hope I will pull through.

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